Mission & Vision


The Dakshin Dinajpur University (DDU) is committed to ignite, guide and channelize the quest for higher learning. The University is dedicated to foster the urge for continuous self-development in every student, researcher and Faculty alike, by providing them with equal opportunity in every sphere of activities. The institutional system is designed to build on and further the knowledge economy with a clear focus on the needs of the immediate community and the nation at large. DDU shall instill the philosophy amongst its students that the principle to learning and acquiring knowledge lies in our ability “to learn, un-learn and re-learn”. This learning mantra is at the core of DDU, equipping the students with problem solving - practical and academic and develop skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

DDU aims at

  • Providing the students with the best learning environment to pursue and fulfill their academic and professional passions
  • Inspiring the young minds through broad and balanced academic programme of high quality, diverse and creative in content
  • Mentoring and training students to think independently and out of the box, and to be innovative
  • Creating an inclusive campus where ethnic and socio-cultural diversity will be respected and students belonging to every economic strata and class will get a chance to pursue higher education
  • Advancing multidisciplinary approaches to higher education with exclusive focus on scholarly research and creative projects aimed at ensuring a better world for mankind
  • Facilitating Faculty, researchers and students to engage in academic and research activities that are interdisciplinary and pioneering in nature
  • Encouraging cross-cutting trans-border research opportunities and projects that reach beyond the borders of the state and the country
  • Ensuring all round excellence in every sphere of academic, extra-curricular activities and research


DDU envisions a prestigious multidisciplinary institution of outstanding higher educational learning, grounded on innovative and quality teaching. It will provide a holistic development of young minds and thus produce conscientious students equipped and empowered with “knowledge-based-capability” to positively impact their lives and the world around them. DDU will be:

  1. A smart and green campus to mitigate ecological footprint concerns
  2. A brand in-itself - “THE” University of choice, with specialized departments and professional courses
  3. A multicultural academic hub fostering exemplary discipline, integrity, transparency, and accountability for everyone associated with the DDU
  4. A recognized centre of excellence in higher education statewide, nationally and globally
  5. A dynamic institution that values and upholds the ideals of equality, justice, ethics and democratic governance
  6. A unique centre, forging connections with key research institutions including local communities for high-impact utilization of relevant knowledge, creative intellectual engagement and sharing of knowledge

DDU is situated in the Dakshin Dinajpur district of West Bengal. The district has a rich cultural heritage and has high literacy rates among both men and women. The University, as the highest seat of learning, will serve as a catalyst of social change and educational mobility, of inclusive growth and an agent of socio-economic development for the district. It shall build bridges and usher in a new dawn of hope. DDU shall strive to have its footprint in the national canvas by parenting a stream of capable human resources, year after year. DDU will not limit its academic programmes to traditional courses only, but would also focus on professional courses and will remain open to participation and cooperation from every potential resource. In this journey DDU looks up to every stakeholder for support and constructive suggestions for continuous development.